Motivated by the big questions.

Mother of two, ex of a few, true love of one.

Here to make a difference.

Penning a bio. This shit is painful.


There are so many chapters. Preacher’s kid. Middle kid. Former young, evangelical missionary slash cult participant. Angst-filled twenty-something. Whirlwind bride. Stay-at-home mom. Divorced single mom. Remarried mom and step-mom. Wife of high-functioning alcoholic with a heart of gold. Divorcee of golden-hearted now sober one. Still a mom.

Often disguised but never inconsequential, poor mental health should be a defining feature of all angles.


Before all that, I was a precocious personality with a mind wired for the big picture and a psyche sensitive to the “other side” (an incorrect term, but better understood short-hand for longer descriptions of woo woo). I am a mystic. I am motivated by what is underneath or behind or beyond the things we attribute all our human drama to. I want to understand the point of all this. After four decades I’ve got a fairly satisfying working hypothesis. This place is where I share it.


Currently my young and I reside in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I accidentally met the love of my life while looking for a suitable FWB. So that’s been positive.


My mental health is no longer poor, but it’s always under review and requires dedicated attention.


And finally, I should be clear that I am looking for kindred souls to existentially trek with.